Hello, my name is Antoine Henderson and I am from Michigan. Since I can remember I’ve always loved to create stories. It started in middle school when I loved reading comic books and eventually created my own. The artwork was something to be desired, but I found that I enjoyed creating the story more-so than the art itself.

I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter soon after that and since that day I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Write books. Since you are reading this, I did just that. I’m far from being a Sanderson, King or Rowling, but that is what this blog is for, to detail my journey to become a successful fulltime author. That’s the goal.

It’s not easy. It’s hard. Hard is hell; and this blog will detail every step, misstep, success, failure, and roadblock that I will face in order to achieve that goal. I’m not going to hold any punches or beat around the bush. This is what I’ve decided to do with my life and I hope that you take something from it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Welcome to my life!